Louise Crawford & Stéphan Guéneau

In the series of works “Language For Sale”, letters are mixed up and language has broken down losing its sense and meaning. Inspired by Scottish concrete and sound poetry, the salvaged metal, plastic, neon letters bear witness to the city’s industrial and economic past; obsolete signs abandoned after the collapse of a business or industry, desperately clinging onto architectural facades, their former role as signifier within the social space now gone.

Artists Louise Crawford and Stéphan Guéneau salvaged Roberts Sports and The Leather Store defunct shop signs in the Merchant City while photographing the area for an art and architecture research project in 2001.

Louise and Stéphan have worked together since 1992, collaborating initially on 16mm film and since 2000 on photographic work. This combination of film and photography now informs much of their work on inner city landscapes. Street Level hosted a solo show by the artists in 2003/4, ‘Cinema’, a selection of photographs on the ambiguity of perception of the city at night and the change darkness and artificial light make to the urban topography; the camera illuminating parts of a city that are purposefully left in darkness and forgotten.



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