“Nightlife in Shanghai” (夜上海) (actriz Zhou Xuan)
夜上海 (Nightlife in Shanghai)
作曲:陳歌辛 (Composer: Chen Gexin)

夜上海 夜上海 Shanghai Nights Shanghai Nights

你是個不夜城 You’re a city that never sleeps

華燈起 樂聲響 The pretty lights come on The music sounds

歌舞昇平 Singing and dancing in peace and harmony

只見她笑臉迎 One only sees her, smiling in welcome

誰知她內心苦悶 Who could have known she was feeling dejected on the inside

夜生活 都為了 Shanghai Nights It’s all about

衣食住行 The clothes, the food, the board and the travel

酒不醉人人自醉 The wine and women are intoxicating and mesmerizing making it hard to leave and easy to indulge

胡天胡帝蹉跎了青春 Recklessly squandering their youth

曉色朦朧醉眼惺忪 Daybreak blurs the drowsy drunken eyes

大家歸去心靈兒隨著轉動的車輪 Everyone starts to regain their wits, following the turning of the tyres

換一換 新天地 Everything changes up, it’s a new world

別有一個新環境 There’s a new environment

回味著 夜生活 Thinking back on Night life

如夢初醒 Waking up from the dream



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